Hello I'm Simeon

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const person = { firstName: "Simeon", lastName: "Petrov" }const about = { profesion: "Developer", whatIDo: "Nobody knows tbh", hobby:"Styling buttons...?" }

About me

I'm a Front-end developer based in Sofia, Bulgaria 🇧🇬 . Currently I'm working at Blubito with Vue as my main framework. I have had some experience with Angular, afterwards I worked couple of years with React (integrated with Sharepoint Online), but now I have transitioned completely to the green side.

I have worked on couple different projects and applications like: Video Platform [ Vue ], Backoffice App [ Vue ], Extending UI Component Library [ Vue ], Client Websites [ Vue + Nuxt ], E-Commerce Shop [ Vue + Nuxt ], RunScrum - Agile Application-Suite [ React ], Website for music events [ React + Gatsby ], Online-Exams App [ React ], TimeSheet App [ React ], Automated Warranty App [ Angular ], couple more WordPress stuff and probably others I'm forgetting or are too small.

words i know / use / guess

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