Hello I'm Simeon

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const person = { firstName: "Simeon", lastName: "Petrov" } const about = { profesion: "Developer", whatIDo: "Nobody knows tbh", hobby:"Styling buttons...?" }

About me

I'm a Senior Frontend Developer & Lead based in Sofia, Bulgaria 🇧🇬 . I'm workig on daily basis with react React, but vue Vue would be my personal choice for almost anything nowadays. Having more than 7 years of experience in the field, I have worked on and delivered numerous SPA and SSR applications.

At the moment I'm primarily focused on architecting web applications for scalability (FE Oriented), discussing and planning client-specific feature implementations, working on Developer processes and tooling and ensuring code quality. You can learn more here: about me (🚷 Under Construction) or at my linkedin Linked Profile

words i know / use / guess

You get the drill

What's currently keeping me up at night? 🧠

  • 🛒 Nuxt & Strapi eCommerce
  • 🕷️ Crawlers
  • 💾 Git for storing data
  • 🎨 Design systems & tokens
  • 🖥️ Home servers / NAS
  • 🤖 SmartHome
  • ⚡ Astro


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